We were created for something greater. We were designed to reflect the glory of God.

Come and join a church family seeking to spread the glory of God's self-giving love to our community and beyond.

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New here? Come and join a church family seeking to spread the glory of God's self-giving love to our community and beyond.

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Women's Christmas Brunch

The Musical Chairs of Christmas

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Christmas at Camelback

Celebrate the season!

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Performing Arts at Camelback

Glorious music in a heavenly space!

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Recent Articles

stone of grace

Grace to You

Who hasn’t encountered a time or two when you were wronged and subjected to cruelty, and unkindness?  Maybe it was just simple thoughtlessness on the part of the other…be it foe, family or friend. A show of hands would fill a room. Who among us would also agree that our Christian demeanor can fade like […]

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Thanksgiving at Camelback

Thanksgiving at Camelback

Thanksgiving is the one holiday that is distinctly Christian and distinctly American. Other holidays are distinctly Christian (Christmas and Easter) and others are distinctly American (Independence Day and President’s Day). But perhaps in the aftermath of one of the harsh winters of William Bradford’s Pilgrims, early Americans determined to start giving thanks to God. We […]

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A Living Tradition: Communion

We all do things to remember certain events or recall cherished memories. There are rituals such as lighting candles that help us remember loved ones, or special meals that help us remember our heritage. Jesus calls us to partake in communion in remembrance of him. This ritual recalls Christ’s sacrifice on the cross, what was […]

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Upcoming Events

Men’s Bible Study

In this study we dig deep to investigate the covenants of the Old Testament, from Genesis through Jeremiah.

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Christmas Open House

Volunteer for the Christmas Open House at Osborn Health and Rehab.

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Women’s Aerobics

Qualified instructors from our church family offer classes for women in aerobics and strength training.

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Stories of God's Work in Our Lives

Holm Family

Erick Holm

The Lord’s been working in my heart in understanding what it means to be a man of God—what it means to lead and continually point my family to Christ.

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Camelback Bible Church Testimonies – Catherine Phillips

Catherine Phillips

Teaching and loving my children at home has taught me so much about the true love of Christ. He was selfless and gave of himself, while we were sinners!

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Jim Lake - Member of Camelback Bible Church

Jim Lake

God constantly reminds me to keep my eyes on Him, regardless of the circumstances…every day is a profound gift from Him. So with great joy, I press on!

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"And we all, with unveiled face, beholding the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another."
2 Corinthians 3:18 [NIV]