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Summer Camps: Growing Our Children

Posted May 13, 2015

As we thaw from what we Phoenicians call “winter” and notice the changes around us in the trees and plants, we quickly come to realize that summer is approaching. Along with heat and vacation plans, summer also brings an opportunity for children to grow in a creative environment, unstressed by the daily routines of school and academics.

At Camelback Bible Church, our summer camps are not simply a place where we keep your children occupied, but a place and time where each child will be challenged to develop spiritually (always our primary emphasis), physically, aesthetically, musically, and socially.

Last year’s summer program offering of four different camps made a big impression. One student shared about last summer’s camp, “Art Camp is very inspirational. I always look forward to the next class!” A Vacation Bible Camp participant said, “I love VBC because I learned about God in fun ways.”

This summer, your child can choose from five different camps. These camps will be available for children age 4 and up. The offerings include Vacation Bible Camp, Sportball Multi-Sport Camp, Arts Camp, String Quartet Camp, and, new this year, Drama Camp.

The second chapter of Luke speaks of Jesus’ growth as a young boy. It culminates in verse 52 where it states, “…and Jesus grew in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man.” In this verse we see multiple dimensions of human development including both physical and mental/spiritual development as well as social. It is our desire to be a catalyst for that growth which God provided for His Son and desires for His children.

Our vision is not only that we reach our body at Camelback Bible through our Summer Camps, but also through our camps we might connect with our community in hopes of ultimately presenting the love and kindness of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We pray that God would use us to draw more children to Him.

You might ask, “How can I be involved?” First, sign up your child(ren) for camp. Secondly, share about our camps with the children in your neighborhood or in your child’s school by taking them a brochure, sharing the camps on your social sites, and inviting them via our Facebook Events. Thirdly, talk to parents about the value and importance of their child participating. Fourthly, offer to be the car pool for your neighborhood and bring children to camp.

Finally, pray that God will work in the hearts and minds of the parents and children even now, that more would come to know Him as Savior either through our Summer Camps or by becoming involved in Children’s Ministry events throughout the school year. In doing this, you will be personally blessed and will be fulfilling our calling to be a “family on a mission for the glory of God.”

See you in June!

Written by Leonard Valencia - Website

Leonard Valencia serves as Director of Camelback School for the Arts as well as Director of Children's Music and Handbells at Camelback Bible Church.


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