Singing and Ringing in California

Posted June 23, 2014

As I was returning home from our annual children’s choir trip, I began composing in my head how I wanted to relay to you, our church family, the wonderful experiences and blessings that God gave us while in San Diego. I decided rather than giving only my perspective of our trip, I wanted to let you hear from the chaperones and children as well. Here are just a few of their thoughts.

“It was a great and unique experience worshiping God. We had a lot of fun in SeaWorld as well as time to serve the hungry people of San Diego. I can’t wait to go to California again next year!!!” Annamieke, 7th grade

“It was fun ministering to another church, helping out at Feeding America, and getting to know people in my church family better. It was a fantastic weekend!” Colin, 7th grade

“This week I had glimpses of the direct, profound faith of children that Christ tells us to emulate. Several times in our evening devotions, I was asked questions which took me by surprise with their depth and simplicity, such as ‘If God hadn’t created the world yet, how was the Spirit of God hovering over the waters?’ and ‘If there are no tears in heaven, does that mean there are no tears of joy?’ It is a blessing to be reminded of childlike faith.” Hannah Peterson, chaperone

All in all, the trip was a great success. We enjoyed a fun-filled day at Sea World, riding rides, touching some of God’s creations, and enjoying being together as a family. On Saturday, before rehearsing at La Jolla Presbyterian Church we volunteered at Feeding America where we packed 4700 pounds of produce to be used by two local grade schools. Our time wouldn’t have been complete without a visit to the beach, where kids threw Frisbees, swam with seals, and saw a side of their chaperones they never knew existed.

The highlight of our trip was worshiping with La Jolla Presbyterian Church where we rang and sang in two services. The children closed the services by singing John Rutter’s arrangement of “The Lord Bless You and Keep You”. This song brought one congregant to tears, and as she approached us barely able to speak, said with a soft voice, “That song and those children’s voices, that was beautiful! What a wonderful way to end the service.”

This is why we take this annual trip – to bond together as a family, to have fun, minister to others, and help bring all of us closer to Christ.

Please continue praying for our children’s music program that God would continue raising up children He has called to be His ambassadors through music.

In Him,

Leonard Valencia

Children’s Music Director


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Leonard Valencia serves as Director of Camelback School for the Arts as well as Director of Children's Music and Handbells at Camelback Bible Church.


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