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Joy: Freedom from Fear

September 17 – December 3
a study in Philippians

Imagine being in a prison chained to a Roman soldier. Imagine writing a letter from that prison. What do you think would characterize your letter? Paul’s letter to the Philippians, written while he was in prison, is characterized by joy. The word “joy” or “rejoice” occurs 16 times. And how is it that joy would flow from his pen? Because of another word that occurs 37 times: Christ. Paul’s relationship to Christ and passion for his mission turned the very darkest of situations into one full of joy. Through this letter we see that joy is possible in all situations for each of us, too, when we are assured of Christ’s presence and committed to his mission.

Sep 17: Joy in Faith
Sep 24: Joy in a Sovereign Hand
Oct 1: Joy in Life
Oct 8: Joy in Suffering
Oct 15: Joy in Humility
Oct 22: Joy in Integrity
Oct 29: Joy in Friendship
Nov 5: Joy in Letting Go
Nov 12: Joy in Drama
Nov 19: Joy in Success
Nov 26: Joy in Contentment
Dec 3: Joy in Fulfillment

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