Running on Fullness: A Journey through Ephesians

Posted September 14, 2015

In September at Camelback Bible Church, we begin a sermon series that will take us deeper than we’ve ever been before. We’ll be examining Paul’s letter to the churches of Ephesus.

It’s a unique letter. It represents Paul at his most mature. Synthesizing his early understanding of the Old Testament with the arrival of Jesus Christ, he presents a spectacular vision of how Christ fulfills God’s plan for the world.

We can feel Paul searching for words sufficient to describe the magnificence of what Christ has done for human life. Unsearchable riches, lavish blessings, heavenly inheritance – these are some of the superlatives Paul uses to disclose the fullness of life that is ours right now in Jesus Christ.

On the offensive in this letter, Paul reminds us of our identity in Christ – how full, how rich, how graced, how loved, how strong we are. Our resources are so enormous they can’t be quantified, and yet Paul tries to do so. He knows how much is at state. If we forget who we are in Christ, God’s plan for the world may unravel. Everything we do depends on our identity in Christ – our marriages, our families, our job.

How well do we know who we are in Christ? If we’re like the Christians in Ephesus, probably not very well. Perhaps we don’t have a clue. The cosmic powers of darkness seek to veil our identity in Christ. That needs to stop. The veil must be stripped away once and for all. We must see see who we are in Christ. Much depends on it: God’s plan; our joy; the church; the world.

No other book in the Bible reminds us as powerfully as Ephesians that, in Christ, we are made by God to run on fullness. For a fill up fuller than anything you thought possible, get ready to plunge into Ephesians.


Pastor Tim


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