A Note from Pastor Tim: The Conclusion of Acts

Posted August 15, 2014

Brothers and Sisters,

You’ve been in my thoughts and prayers often during the last few weeks. I’ve been praying for you what I’ve been praying for me — that we would see better what it means to be filled with the love and the power of Christ.

Not seeing it is my greatest blindness; seeing it, even partially, becomes our greatest blessing. It lifts us up and fits us for the greatest work of all, playing a role in Christ’s saving work in the world.

I look forward to returning next week. Along with worshiping together and catching up on news, we’ll be opening our Bibles to the grand finale of the book of Acts. And it really is grand! I’ve been reading and praying over the last five chapters of this record of the earliest church, and I’m amazed by what is said about a big God and his agenda for the world, an agenda which won’t be thwarted — not by governors, antagonistic crowds, shipwrecks, or even snakes (yes, a dangerous viper makes an appearance!). This God gets his work done, and he does it through us.

If you’re looking for encouragement, purpose, a sense of worth, a vision big enough to sustain your hopes (and who isn’t looking for these things?) — the last chapters in Acts, and their God, and their Christ, and their resurrection life are waiting for you! I can’t wait to open the word of God together.

Love in Christ,


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For over 25 years, Tim Savage has served as Senior Pastor of Camelback Bible Church in Paradise Valley, AZ. The Dallas Theological Seminary and Cambridge University graduate is married to Lesli and father to sons Matt and Jonathan.


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