Here’s What To Expect

A church is a living body of real people.

We’re not all the same. We have different temperaments and are at different stages of life. Some are mature in faith, and others are brand new. We share life with each other. You’re welcome to join us. If you don’t expect us to have it all together, we won’t expect you to have it all together either.

We’ll want to meet you.

We aren’t a huge congregation, but we’re big enough that not everyone notices visitors. Let someone know you’re new here! Feel free to stop to talk to anyone in our congregation, including our Pastors and Elders. You should also stop by the information desk inside the sanctuary building.

We’ll Study the Bible.

We value the intellect and thinking carefully through what scripture teaches. Sermons pursue informed interpretations of the enduring truths in the text.

You can expect teaching from our pulpit to be centered on the Grace of God and the good news of Jesus Christ, and to treat the Biblical text seriously.

Our congregation is affiliated with the Gospel Coalition.

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More about Our Services

What Denomination are you?

Camelback Bible Church is not part of any denomination, but we identify theologically with the Reformed tradition in evangelical Christianity.

What do you believe?

Our Statement of Faith is a great place to start for understanding what we believe.

How many people are at your Church?

On average about 650 people attend—including children—every Sunday.

What should I wear?

We don’t want you to worry too much about this. Feel free to look through the photos of the worship services to get an idea of how people tend to dress in the 9 am service and in the 11 am service, but know that there’s no official dress code for church.

What should I do after Church?

Meet people in the front part of the sanctuary and have coffee and snacks. Introduce yourself to someone. Let someone know that you’re new and ask if they can show you around or tell you how they ended up at our church. We aren’t that scary, and we want to meet you.

I just want to visit. Are you going to make this awkward?

Please, feel comfortable just visiting. We want you to feel at home, not put on the spot.

I have children. They have lungs. How will I ever hear the sermon?

Hurray for children! How old are they? The little ones can be cared for by the loving staff in our nursery (newly remodeled!). We have special classes for elementary-aged children so they can learn about the Bible at an age-appropriate level. Children birth through Kindergarten can go directly to their classrooms. Those in 1st-6th grades will worship with you during the first half of the service, and then head to their classes just prior to the sermon. Children are also permitted to stay with you for the whole worship service if you prefer. Check in the kids at the Kiosk by the entrance to the Sanctuary (they’ll get a name- badge sticker so we know they belong to you). You can see Plan your Visit for more info, or learn more about our Children’s Ministry.

I have teenagers. What should I do with them?

Youth are full participants in our congregation. They’re welcome to join the Sunday Morning worship service and participate along with everyone else.  During the week, High School groups and Jr. High groups meet with their peers and leaders for mentoring and discipleship, studying how to apply the Bible to their lives. Find out more about our Youth Ministry.

How do I get to know people more closely?

Get plugged in to adult ministries and community groups, or consider serving with us in an outreach or worship ministry. To learn more about how to get connected, email us at

What do you do in your Church service?

There are two parts to our Church service. In the first part, we lift up our voices to God. That means that we do a lot of singing and we pray together. There may be a musical offering, and there will be a time for greeting each other.

In the second part, we listen to God’s voice, by reading a passage from the Bible. One of our Pastors, trained in the context, history, and languages of the Bible, offers a sermon to interpret the passage and suggest application to our daily lives. We respond with more worship sung to God.

Does your church take an offering? Do you expect me to give money?

The offering is meant to honor Jesus with the treasure he has placed in our care. It’s not just about money: our members also seek to honor the Lord by offering their time and talent in service. Please don’t feel any obligation to give when you visit.

Is the Sermon the same in both the 9 AM service and the 11 AM service?

Yeah, pretty much. (Spontaneous tangents aside).

What’s the Sermon like?

Why not listen to some of our past sermons?

How will I follow along?

How will I know what to sing or when to sit down and when to stand up? For the 11 am service you can follow along with the screen up at the front. For the 9 am service an usher will hand you a bulletin on the way in. Our services are fairly easy to follow. Someone will announce from the front when it is time to sit or stand. In the 11 am service, words to songs will be projected at the front. In the 9 am service, words to hymns will be in the hymnals located in the pew in front of you.

Will you be serving communion? Can I partake of it?

We take communion together on the first Sunday of each month. The elements are distributed by ushers who take them from the front and pass them on plates through the pews, while we quietly prepare our hearts.

If you are a Christian, and you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, then you are invited to take communion with us. It is not necessary to be a member of our church or to get official permission to do so.

If this does not describe you, or you do not feel comfortable taking communion at the time, you should simply let the elements pass you by. No one will notice or stare, since this is a time in which people are focused on examining their own hearts.

I have a physical disability requiring a wheelchair. Where should I sit?

For parking, you are welcome to park in the designated spaces along the south side of the sanctuary. The main accessible seating area is through the main entrance, where we have accessible seating as you enter the sanctuary along the back rows. There is a wheelchair accessible restroom in the hospitality area in the foyer, on the north side near the kitchenette.

There is a secondary accessible seating area near the front of the sanctuary. To get there, take the elevator (located on the east side of the sanctuary) to the back hallway, and enter the sanctuary through the wooden door, where there is an accessible seating area on the left side of the sanctuary. This route can be a little tricky to navigate, so please feel free to ask for help.