Simon and Kedress Nziramakenga

Memories of Missionary Kedress Nziramakenga

Posted March 4, 2015

Dear CBC Family,

Kedress NziramakengaKedress, the beloved wife of Simon Nziramakenga, went home to be with the Lord on February 20. Her death was the result of a brain hemorrhage.

I first met Kedress early in her marriage to Simon. When I met her, the small Nziramakenga home was already a refuge to refugees. Her heart for struggling and disadvantaged people has been clear throughout her life.

She was a full partner in ministry with Simon as they returned to Rwanda after the genocide in which both she and Simon lost dozens of family members. Kedress was a key player in the founding and administration of the primary school she and Simon began under the umbrella of the church they founded, Good Shepherd Community Church.

We as a CBC church family have had a major role in the construction funding of the Good Shepherd Community Church building.

Kedress NziramakengaA story I will never forget typifies Kedress’ life. A few years ago she heard on the radio of a woman who was killed and left a baby who had been taken in by a Muslim group that intended to raise him in their faith. She went to that group and fearlessly demanded that she be given the baby on the grounds that the baby was not the child of a Muslim family. The group gave her the baby. She took him in and as they did with many youth, she and Simon adopted and are raising the child.

I thank the Lord for the life and inspiration of this courageous woman. Pray for Simon, their biological children, and for the many, many “adopted” youth who have been loved and nurtured by Kedress and Simon.

Harvest is holding a memorial service for Kedress at the Harvest offices, 701 N 1St Street, on Thursday, March 5 at 10:00 am.



Bob Moffitt met Simon and began a life-long relationship with him in 1966 while traveling across Africa following a tour of service with the Peace Corps.

For more information about Simon & Kedress’ ministry, visit our International Missions page and Harvest Foundation‘s website.

Written by Bob Moffitt - Website

Bob founded Harvest, a division of the Harvest Foundation, in 1981 and has served as president of the organization since. He is co-founder of Disciple Nations Alliance (DNA), which was begun as a partnership with Food for the Hungry International in 1997. Bob has a Ph.D. in adult education from Union Institute and University and has also done graduate studies in public administration, apologetics, missions, theology, and volunteer administration in the United States, Israel, and Switzerland. Bob's past professional experience includes consulting in the area of community development/wholistic ministry strategies, consulting and directing volunteer programs, serving with the Peace Corps in Africa, and teaching science. He has lived, studied, traveled, and lectured extensively in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Bob is author of published articles, curricula on volunteerism and wholistic ministry, and the book, "If Jesus Were Mayor." Bob and his wife Judy are longtime members of Camelback Bible Church were he has served as an elder.


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