Ministry Highlights

Posted October 5, 2016

A family recently returned to Camelback, after moving away to Colorado for four years. The husband and wife pulled me aside and couldn’t wait to report their impression. ‘It’s a completely different church. There is so much more going on. It’s so alive!’

Praise God, we’re growing in our love of Christ and in our ministries for him.

Here are some recent highlights.

The Youth ministry had its largest Sunday gathering a couple of weeks ago, over 30 students, who are gelling with each other and growing deeper in Christ.

The Married Without Children group, meeting in our home for fellowship and Bible Study, began with three couples five sessions ago, and in our last time together we were blessed with 24 people.

Our new discipleship class, C3, which spelled out longhand means Complete in Christ in Colossians, has had over 80 regulars enrolled in both Spring and Fall Semesters, learning the power and the blessing of Christ dwelling in us.

A new College group has begun, its first session drawing 12 collegians and its second 17. And 19 people attended the Young Professionals recent Fall Mixer.

Our evangelistic lunch-time talk on Thursdays with Gary Bender called ‘Clarifying Faith’ is filling Rooms 208-209 with 65 people, and, best of all, non-Christians are being drawn to Christ.

The most recently completed New Member’s Class, Discovery II, had the largest group of people in well over a decade, with 24 people.

The last Men’s Night, with Rob Brooks teaching on what the Bible has to say about justice, drew over 60 men.

Two weekday men’s Bible Studies, every other Tuesday with Tucker Quayle and on Fridays with Gaylard Moore, are enthusiastic and growing.

Attendance on Sunday mornings is moving steadily upward.

These are wonderful trends, especially if they indicate a church family becoming more and more like Christ, which is the prayer of us all.

May we continue to ask the Lord to form us up in Christ and to be a radiant light to our community for Christ’s sake!


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