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Summer Sermon Series – One Foot in Heaven, One Foot on Earth

Posted June 3, 2015

As Christians, we all want to be disciples of Jesus Christ.

In other words, we are all eager to listen to the teaching of Jesus and to follow him wherever he leads.

What does Jesus teach and where does he lead? The best answers are the ones Jesus himself gives.

Four books of the Bible are devoted specifically to tracing every word and step of Jesus. They are found at the front end of the New Testament and are called Gospels, literally books of ‘good news’, whose names are Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

Twice in sermon series at Camelback Bible Church we have worked our way through the gospel of Mark, in 1999 and 2009. And we have occasionally waded into the the book of John. But not for a long while have we looked at Luke.

Beginning in June and running throughout the summer, we will share together in Luke’s inspired memories of Jesus Christ. As we saw in Acts (another of the doctor’s compositions), Luke takes careful note of the inevitable experiences of life — illness, money, anxiety, suffering, woes, and joys — and situates Jesus squarely in the middle of our ups and downs. The Lucan Jesus is thus a Messiah from whom we can learn much practically and whom we are eager to follow closely.

We will be challenged by the Jesus of Luke’s gospel to live on heaven’s plane while walking on earth — to be a card-carrying member of the kingdom of God while at work, in the home, in school, with neighbors.

Five pastors will be sharing in the preaching of Luke, which should, with God’s help, make the series especially stimulating, as we bring different perspectives and personalities to bear on the sacred truth of God’s word.

Luke presents an incomparable Christ, one whose faithful disciple we all want to become. May God bless the preaching of this biblical book to the church family to his glory.


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