"Lamb with Seven Seals," Unknown

Jesus: Good Shepherd and Lamb of God

Posted December 17, 2014

For the Lamb at the center of the throne will be their shepherd; he will lead them to springs of living water. And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes. — Revelation 7:17

Jesus: Good Shepherd and Lamb of God

an art exhibition from the Bowden Collection

on display in the CBC Sanctuary

beginning December, 2014

"Psalm XXIII" by Bowden

“Psalm XXIII” by Bowden

God is, among His many attributes, Creator. His creative glory is vast and varied and we, as the height of His creation, do well to celebrate it. Creating to communicate abstract concepts or solely for the purpose of beauty or expression is a God-given trait, one that distinguishes us from all other Creation, and one that images Him.

 We have a mandate at Camelback Bible Church to be a family on a mission for the glory of God extending the love of Christ to all people, for the renewal of things. An area the church has often left languishing is the Arts, leaving the world and it’s unredeemed brokenness to assume leadership and dominion.

The love of Christ and the truth of God’s goodness is remarkably absent in much of the arts world and most artists experience not only marginalization by the Church, but also rejection. We are in a unique position at Camelback to extend the love of Christ to our community and beyond through the engagement and advancement of the Arts.

To do so well, we must first educate ourselves as to what good art is, how art can reflect God’s glory, and how it can provide spiritual nurturing and sustenance. Then we must engage artists and those in the arts community by offering these fringe-dwellers safe places to enter into God’s loving family. Finally, we must then encourage the process of creating art that reflects God’s glory and truth. And finally, we must have a plan to help us on our journey; a vision that propels and guides us.

 To this end our VISION is to engage the Arts at Camelback for the purpose of communicating His irresistible love and compelling truth to our own community and beyond. Our MISSION, then, is to offer art and artistic events that seek to educate our Camelback family on the importance of the Arts and to engage the community with God’s self-giving love. Our goal is to encourage spiritual enrichment and community outreach through each artistic endeavor. 

"Cain and Abel" by R. Varland

“Cain and Abel” by R. Varland

As a step toward reflecting on God’s glory through art, we present Jesus: Good Shepherd and Lamb of God — an art exhibit on display in the CBC sanctuary. Jesus: Good Shepherd and Lamb of God, with 32 drawings, paintings, original prints, sculptures, and photographs explores through he eye of the artist how this theological concept has ben visually interpreted from the 17th century to the present. This exhibition includes artists from the Philippines, Japan, Bulgaria, England, Germany, Slovakia, Italy, Netherlands, Israel, Argentina, Greece, and the United States.

Jesus: Good Shepherd and Lamb of God begins with a photograph by Roger Varland titled “Cain and Able” and two pieces of Abraham’s sacrifice of Isaac which portrays the Bible’s foreshadowing to the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus as the Agnus Dei (Lamb of God).

Jesus as the Good Shepherd has been a favorite of Christians since early Christianity and still resonates with the faithful. Jesus as the Lamb of God is a theme that runs throughout the Scriptures as is demonstrated in this show with a  variety of images.

This exhibition invites the viewer to look, but to more importantly, see with new insight how the rich well of Christian images can expand our theological understanding of the Bible.


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