Daniel: God's Steady Grip

The Incomparable Jesus

Posted November 30, 2014

Camelback Bible Church - SermonsThe Incomparable Jesus

Incomparable is defined as “without an equal in quality or extent; matchless” and “unable to be compared.” And incomparable most certainly describes the Jesus we will hear about over the next few weeks. It turns out Jesus was much bigger than we thought — at least the Jesus as the prophet Daniel describes him.

Jesus brings a glory that has no limit and no end. And, best of all, it’s a glory for you!

Come to Camelback Bible Church during the next four Sundays leading up to Christmas, and listen as we break open the remarkable visions of Daniel and continue the series “God’s Steady Grip.”


Pastor Tim

P.S. Missed a sermon in the series? They’re all right here.

Written by Tim Savage - Website

For over 25 years, Tim Savage has served as Senior Pastor of Camelback Bible Church in Paradise Valley, AZ. The Dallas Theological Seminary and Cambridge University graduate is married to Lesli and father to sons Matt and Jonathan.


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