Work as Worship Conference

8:00 am – 2:00 pm

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Work as Worship Conference

Friday, March 8, 8:00 am – 2:00 pm, Family Life Center

Cost: $30 (includes lunch)

Work. We spend over half our lives at work. God created work and he created us to work. How can we capture these hours we spend at work for Christ’s kingdom?

At this conference we’ll explore this question with televised speakers followed by group table discussions. During lunch we’ll hear from a panel of local Christian business leaders as they discuss how they integrate their faith and work.

Featured Speakers

Steve Green (President of Hobby Lobby), Megan Alexander (Correspondent, Inside Edition), Chris Patton (CEO, His Way at Work), and many more!

Lunch Panel

The lunch panel will be moderated by Gary Bender and will include Camelback members Kathy Murphy, Tad Peelen, and Bill Eaton along with a legal expert from Alliance Defending Freedom.

The Eight Tenets

  • Work is good.
  • Sin corrupted work.
  • Jesus makes it possible for work to be redeemed.
  • God gave us a mission.
  • We carry Christ in to our work.
  • God grows us through our work.
  • God can do more with our work than we can imagine.
  • Work is worship.





Please note: The live stream event for Work as Worship will be held on Feb 22. Our goal is to make this a bit more interactive so we’ve decided to host on a later date.