100 Talents Artists Gathering

7:00 pm – 8:30 pm


100 Talents Artists Gathering

May 16, 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm, Room 207
Theme for this session: 1 Samuel 17

100 Talents is a quarterly get-together for artists and art lovers. Whether you are an artist, craftsman, or simply wish to support talented Christians, there is a seat saved for you!

Get-togethers include time to share what you are working on (theme-related or not), giving and receiving feedback, and a new theme to work on for the next time.

Why art? We are made in God’s image. He is an artist and creator and has given us the ability to create. There is a need for Christian art in today’s culture – specifically art that gives God glory.  We also want to inspire and encourage each other on toward greater excellence. Lastly, we want to open the dialogue about the relationship between faith and art. Just as a “talent” was a unit of measurement in Old Testament times for gold or silver used to build up the tabernacle (Exodus 38), so we are also bringing our “talents” together to build up one another.

Questions? Contact Karina Downer, karinaelyse@gmail.com or Johanna Watson, vizonrok@gmail.com