Music is an extraordinary gift from God. It encourages our hearts to worship him. It communicates to our minds his greatness and majesty. Through music, we praise and thank God, proclaim truths about God to the world, and teach and admonish one another. We exalt God’s name so that everyone can be drawn in to know him.

Music Groups

There are many opportunities for all ages to serve the Lord with your musical talents while experiencing fellowship with other musicians. Whether you play an instrument or just love to sing, find out more about the music groups and find one you can join!

The Purpose of our Worship Services

The diverse legacy of music in Christianity stretches back over a thousand years and continues in the present. We want to embrace the best of all of it. Learn more about our worship services.

About the Sanctuary

The acoustics of Camelback’s sanctuary, renowned throughout the Southwestern United States, present a superb setting for singing and hearing musical praises to God. We are privileged to have hosted performances by many gifted musicians and choirs from around the world. Uncover the history and symbolism of our Sanctuary.

Concerts at Camelback

It gives us enormous pleasure to host another outstanding season of world-class performances and workshops. We are committed to serving our community with the finest art, and to educating a new generation of artists and musicians through our music programs at Camelback Bible Church.