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GriefShare Grief Recovery Support GroupGriefShare

GriefShare offers a compassionate, interactive, ongoing ministry to anyone grieving the loss of a family member or someone close to them. Part seminar and part support group, GriefShare gives a Christ-centered perspective on both the practical and spiritual issues which accompany the grieving process. The group is open to members of the community, whether or not they attend Camelback Bible Church. Check out GriefShare’s newest video.

Thirteen-week seminars take place twice yearly beginning in the Fall and Spring .

Fall Session | September – December, 2020 

GriefShare classes are offered throughout the U.S. For classes held at other locations visit

Volunteer: Getting involved as a volunteer with GriefShare can help you learn how to be prepared to assist others in times of grief.

Contact: Mardette Hemann at 602.814.2016 or

Visitation Team

Our Visitation Team has been created to provide effective pastoral care for the whole church family. If you or someone you know has been hospitalized or is unable to leave their home, please let us know. Please provide the person’s name, location, and any other details. We look forward to serving you.

Contact: Visitation Team at

Meals Ministries

Volunteers in our church family help provide meals for families with new babies, expectant mothers who are having a difficult pregnancy, those who are recently bereaved, and others who have a special need for a meal. If you have one of these needs, please let us know. If you’re interested in helping, you can sign up to help a particular family, or to be on a list to be called on if someone nearby needs a meal.


Benevolent Fund

The Benevolent Fund helps members and regular attenders of Camelback Bible Church who experience short-term financial needs. The ministry also serves widows in our body who have lost their spouse and are experiencing short-term financial difficulties adjusting to their new situation. It provides counsel from the Word of God, so that through trials, people can be drawn closer to Jesus Christ and built up in him by grace through faith in Christ, in order to progress in their life giving him glory, honor, blessing, praise, thanks, love, obedience, worship, and service.

Contact: Call the church office at 602.955.6370


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If you or a friend require support, please contact