• What is Your Policy for Volunteering in the Classroom? We welcome our families into the classroom at any time. Your talents help enrich our program! Our State licensing does, however, require any volunteer who is in the room to meet mandated ratios to complete the same requirement standards as our staff.
  • Does My Child Need to be Potty Trained? We know a new environment can throw off a child’s schedule or they just get busy and have an accident! Especially at the beginning of the year we’ll remind, remind and remind! Our licensing with the State however, does require children to be potty trained, in underpants and, for the most part, able to take care of their toileting needs. The director can talk to you about possible exceptions for a special needs child.
  • Does My Child Have to be Immunized to Attend School? If you have chosen to not immunize your child for health or personal/religious beliefs, we will give you and or your physician a waiver to sign. Full details are on the waiver.
  • What is Your Discipline Policy? Our focus for behavior is to help a child see a better way to treat others and to help them regulate their emotions. So we focus on changing the heart not just the behavior. Redirection, talking through situations, calming the child, problem solving, instruction on kindness and self- control are all integrated into the day. We communicate with the parents and together we formulate a plan if needed. We will do everything we can but if a child is harmful to others and after intervention we are not able to help and keep others safe, we may ask you to unenroll your child.
  • Does the School Offer Scholarships? We do have a limited amount of scholarship money. Please talk to the director for qualification criteria.
  • Do you Offer Multiple Child Discounts? Yes. Our enrollment fee is reduced for families with multiple children.
  • What Does the Family Activity Fee Cover? Children enjoy and benefit from new experiences so we like to provide them and we enjoy getting the school community together for special events. Whether it’s a ballet, a puppet theater, a jump park or the railroad park, we meet up with the families for fun! On campus we organize special events just for dad, grandpa and kids, and mom, grandma and the girls. Whether a family night, plays or feasts we have fun together.