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Challenging the Fear of Change

September 21, 2016

People hate change. They fear change, don’t want change, and won’t accept change. Far too often we avoid new ideas because it means that something in our ministries will have to change. Change has become a word more feared and vilified in churches than many curse words. But the message of the gospel is change. […]
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Update from the Blanchards in France

November 14, 2015

Thank you for your prayers, and please continue to pray for France. Pray for wisdom and courage for the French leaders. But even more, please pray that our Lord will bring good out of evil, and somehow use this tragedy to bring others to know the One who gave His life as a sacrifice, the perfect sacrifice, so that others may have eternal life.
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Missions at Camelback Bible Church

Youth Missions: Summer 2015 Edition

November 3, 2014

The close of Matthew’s Gospel depicts Jesus issuing a call upon his disciples. After following him for three years, witnessing his miracles, absorbing his teachings, and worshipping his resurrected body, they are to go and make more disciples. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and […]
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A.C. Caswell, Pastor of Youth and International Missions

With Hearts Set On Christ

September 26, 2014

In his ministry Jesus is confronted by a rich young ruler who earnestly desires to inherit eternal life (Mark 10). He pleads with Jesus to tell him what he must do. Jesus answers him with a list that echoes the ten commandments and immediately the ruler declares, “All these I have kept from my youth!” […]
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A.C. Caswell, Pastor of Youth and International Missions

Youth Ministry Focus for 2014-15

August 15, 2014

On June 1st, my then soon-to-be wife Lauren and I had the honor to be welcomed into the Camelback family as I began my new position as the Director of Youth Ministry. I have been overwhelmed with joy as God’s Spirit began revealing so many opportunities for the youth at Camelback. This summer has been […]
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