The Arts: Reflecting God’s Glory and Truth

Posted February 2, 2015

In the past few centuries, the Church has (largely) ignored, even shunned the Arts leaving the world and it’s unredeemed brokenness to assume dominion. The love of Christ and the truth of God’s goodness is remarkably absent in much of the arts-world and most artists experience not only marginalization by the church, but also rejection; a grave loss as the arts have a matchless way of getting under the skin, uniquely telling truth.

We at Camelback are perfectly positioned to extend the love of Christ and foster renewal through the engagement and advancement of the arts. To do so well we must: educate ourselves about good art, how it reflects God’s glory and offers spiritual nurturing; engage artists and the arts community by offering safe places to enter into God’s family; and encourage the process of creating art that reflects God’s glory and truth.

Jesus: Good Shepherd and Lamb of God, our first art exhibition this year, served us well by teaching us more about Jesus. A second art exhibition highlighting the history of the church and our (CBC) place in it will commemorate our 50th Jubilee Celebration.

juried art exhibition juried art exhibition juried art exhibitionFinally, we’re pretty chuffed to host an utterly unique event for a church: a 48-hour Create-a-Thon! This Create-a-Thon, a juried art exhibition, will be held Friday, March 6 through Sunday, March 8. During this event we’re inviting artists from our church (that’s you) and the community at large (that’s your artsy niece, cousin, dad, friend) to bring their supplies to campus for 48 hours of creating based on thematic material given on-site. Spectators are welcome to come on Saturday to see the artists at work and learn about their creative process.

Sunday afternoon during a Reception beginning at 4:00 pm, final artwork will be exhibited and the art will then be juried by a prominent member of the Phoenix arts community. A cash prize will be awarded to the winner during the Contemporary Worship Service (9:00 am) the following Sunday, March 15.

Our Create-a-Thon is the perfect outward and visible sign that the Church, Camelback Bible specifically, welcomes and deeply cares about the arts, artists, and about building healthy community among artists as part of the body of Christ. We’ll all learn more about the art-making process and celebrate God’s great attribute as Creator and how we image Him through the creative process.

Click here for 48-Hour Create-A-Thon event details and click here to register as an artist for the event.

To God be the glory,



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