A Prayer of Thanksgiving

Posted November 25, 2015

Our Father in Heaven,

What a privilege it is to be here together as a family, and just meet with you. How is this possible? When we look at the vast universe, the intricate balance of life on our planet, and all that science reveals about nature, we see intention and purpose. We see your fingerprints. Lord, You are SO amazing! Your thoughts are SO much higher than ours, and Your ways are hard for us to understand sometimes.

Yet You have reached through time and space, to give us Your Son, so that we CAN truly know You…that is real life! To be completely known, AND completely loved anyway…what else do we really need?

Yet, Father, we confess that we’ve made other things more important than You. Nothing we can ever hold onto in this world can satisfy our deepest longings. Yet we try to fill our empty spaces with things – often good things: relationships, accomplishments, love, duties to jobs and community, even religion – and we try to find our meaning, our identity in these things. Forgive us, Lord. You must be first. We can only find ourselves in You. And You give life to all the rest.

And so, during this week of Thanksgiving…we want to say “Thank You, Lord, our most loving and gracious Father!” No matter what is going on in our life, each one of us here can see Your blessings.

Though our life might be in confusion, You give us peace and clarity.

When the world gives us pain, You give us healing.

When life brings success, You keep us grounded.

When our days seem empty, You fill us up.

When we feel hopeless, You restore us.

When we’re going down the wrong path, You show us the right one.

When we fear the future, You give us courage.

When people reject us, You accept us.

When they leave us, You find us.

What immeasurable gifts are ours when we have You! Lord, help us turn to You today. Open up our minds and our hearts to understand you – maybe for the first time. Let each of us hear what You have to say this morning.

Jesus made this possible, and it’s in His name we pray,


This prayer, by CBC member Kim Miller, was delivered during worship on Sunday, November 20.


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